Mike Frith
Mike FrithHealthCare Support - Service Technician[email protected]
I started my working life as an electronics technician working for Tisco repairing televisions and VCR’s and I gained an Advanced Trade Certificate.

I then worked for U-Bix Business Machines installing and repairing analogue photocopiers. Over my 25-year career with U-Bix the company become Konica Minolta and photocopiers advanced to a digital platform allowing them to be networked as multifunctional devices. This prompted my training in networking and computing.

A change in careers later on, saw a move into installing and repairing a variety of mobility equipment with Mobility Manawatu.

I now work in the surgery division at ICONA, servicing and installing surgery equipment.

Outside of work I like to go tramping and mountain biking and I play bass guitar in a band called Still Undecided.

Contact Info

141 Harrisons Line, RD10, Palmerston North 4470
[email protected]