Mike Schnell
Mike SchnellHealthCare Support - Operations Manager[email protected]

Born and bred in the Manawatu, I discovered at a young age that by pulling things apart I would learn how they work. Putting things together so they worked better was a natural follow on, along with dabbling in technology and it’s no surprise that keeping surgery equipment humming smoothly turned out to be a good fit.

I list family, travel, shooting and tinkering with vehicles as my most important investments and distractions in life. I compete in pistol shooting at regional level and have worked on various off-roaders and track-day cars. Daughter Amelia has collected the stamps of four countries in her passport at the time of writing this - all before the age of 3! I hope that when Amelia is old enough, she might like to get behind the wheel, the welder, or both herself.

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141 Harrisons Line, RD10, Palmerston North 4470
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