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Acteon X-Mind Prime 3D
  • Acteon X-Mind Prime 3D
  • Acteon X-Mind Prime 3D

Acteon X-Mind Prime 3D

Brand: Acteon

Lightweight and compact system that can fit into virtually any consult room.

Highlights and Advantages
•    Takes up zero floor space
•    Custom patient report
•    Integrates with various patient management software
•    Wall-mounted - easily accessible

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Product Description

3D diagnosis is more accessible than ever with this smart and compact solution. X-Mind prime 3D from ACTEON blends cutting-edge technology with ease-of-use in an efficient design. With X-Mind prime 3D, high tech is at your fingertips with tools for accurate diagnosis.

X-Mind prime 3D offers a full set of panoramic exams tailored to meet all your clinical applications. It provides all the panoramic exams required for general dentistry: dental panoramic, temporomandibular joints, sinuses.

X-Mind prime combines 2D and 3D technologies. Using a single sensor, you can quickly and easily switch between these two modalities. With 24 panoramic and 32 CBCT options, including multiple FOV’s from 50x50mm to 85x93mm, X-Mind prime 3D allows for a large range of clinical applications including implantology, endodontics, TMJ and sinus and standard panoramic imaging.

  • Full dentition
  • Single jaw (maxillary / mandibular)
  • Maxillary teeth
  • Mandibular teeth
  • TMJ (right/left)
  • Sinus


Improved diagnosis through accurate images

With a minimum voxel size of 87.5 μm, specialists and general practitioners will get detailed three-dimensional reconstructions, able to highlight the smallest anatomical elements.

  • Evaluate detailed morphology of bone tissue
  • Explore the maxillary sinus
  • Examine maxillofacial diseases
  • Detect dental anomalies
  • Determine the protocol to extract impacted teeth
  • Diagnose temporomandibular joint disorders


ACTEON Imaging Suite (AIS) software is both Windows and Mac compatible and provides intuitive image handling and state-of-the-art tools to simplify implant planning, as well as customised reporting. AIS software lets you manage panoramic and CBCT images from acquisition through to viewing:

  • Implant planning
  • Crown placement
  • Mandibular nerve tracing
  • Surface, distance and angle measurement
  • Substantial and scalable implant library
  • Printed implant report
  • Export in STL format
  • Metal artefact reduction filter
  • Panoramic and cephalometric image detail optimization filter
  • ENT module
  • Virtual endoscope
  • DICOM compatible


X-Mind prime 3D is specifically designed to reduce patient preparation time, with natural face-to-face positioning supported by alignment lasers for correct patient positioning. Whether sitting or standing at any height, the telescopic columns can be directly adjusted using the control panel and being wall-mounted it’s easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Compactness is key. X-Mind prime is a genuine space-saving digital imaging system. Its exceptional light weight, only 67 kg, and reduced size makes X-Mind prime adaptable to almost any practice. With its xero footprint the X-Mind prime will fit the narrowest space.

X-Mind® prime is delivered completely assembled so you can be set-up in only one hour. It’s as simple as one box, one technician, two steps and that’s it.


Contact Info

141 Harrisons Line, RD10, Palmerston North 4470
[email protected]