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Castellini Puma Eli R
  • Castellini Puma Eli R
  • Castellini Puma Eli R
  • Castellini Puma Eli R
  • Castellini Puma Eli R

Castellini Puma Eli R

Brand: Castellini

Highlights and Advantages

  • Self balanced instruments to avoid wrist strain

  • Advanced customised assistants side

  • Touchscreen display with integrated X-ray viewer

  • Suction disabling pushbutton

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Product Description

Castellin PUMA ELI R – Unmistakeable design & authentic versatility

The essential nature of Puma ELI R lets dentists perform their everyday work with calm and ease. Extremely manageable, compact and packed with ergonomic features to smooth the treatment process, Puma ELI R is also the right solution for those seeking intrinsic reliability and quality

The comfort concept starts with the patient chair, which features a silent motor rated to lift patients weighing up to 190 kg. Sturdy yet slimline and with just the right compensation between backrest and seat movements, the patient chair accompanies the patient gently, minimising the compression effect in the lumbar area. With extremely fluid starts and stops, chair movements remain reassuring at all times.

Puma ELI R can be equipped with Autosteril, the high-standard automatic disinfection system for all the spray water circuits. Used together with Peroxy Ag+, the Autosteril system ensures a mycobactericide, bactericide and anti-Legionella action, certified by the Sapienza University of Rome. The analysis demonstrated that the disinfection provided is sufficient to “eradicate all tested microbes from the piping of the dental unit, even with higher contamination levels.”

Autosteril helps sanitisation at the end of a day’s session and allows short cycles to be performed with the following steps:

• circuit draining with compressed air;
• addition of 3% H2 O2 to the spray water circuits;
• a liquid ‘hold time’ suitable for intensive disinfection;
• liquid expelled with compressed air;
• (mains or distilled) water flushing



Contact Info

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