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Castellini X-Radius Trio PLUS
  • Castellini X-Radius Trio PLUS
  • Castellini X-Radius Trio PLUS
  • Castellini X-Radius Trio PLUS

Castellini X-Radius Trio PLUS

Brand: Castellini

The perfect combination for all diagnostic needs.

Highlights and Advantages

  • Enables countless upgrade opportunities
  • User-Friendly Software
  • Minimises radiation exposure in every possible way
  • Advanced hybrid radiographic platform

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Product Description

X-Radius Trio Plus represents the latest in 2D and 3D imaging technologies combined with ease of use across a vast range of applications. As a modular solution, the device enables countless upgrade opportunities and includes user-friendly software developed together with university specialists and radiologists. Ensuring state-of-the-art clinical performance and superb image quality, X-Radius Trio Plus is also conceived to safeguard patient health by minimising radiation exposure in all possible ways.

Providing a full range of 2D and 3D examination possibilities and supported by application-specific software functions to optimise diagnostic results, X-Radius
Trio Plus is a hybrid system using CBCT technology for volumetric scans and high-performance filters ensuring the best clinical 2D radiography available today. As a modular platform, the initial configuration can be upgraded in several ways to cover all future needs of the surgery. X-Radius Trio Plus has been designed to facilitate such upgrades, optimising the investment and minimising the downtime for each upgrade.


2D radiology is taken to new levels thanks to the highly sensitive CMOS CsI sensor, which can be switched from its initial position to complete the teleradiographic set-up for CEPH exams. Castellini’s advanced hybrid radiographic platform includes protocols for adults and children. It is designed to cover all 2D diagnostic requirements, from standard dentition to panoramic images with excellent ortho-gonality, high-resolution bitewing images and views of temporo-mandibular joints and maxillary sinuses.
Highly detailed, precise images are achieved thanks to special filters. Panoramic X-rays are optimised through the use of PLUS image-enhancement filters ensuring critical detail of anatomical areas are improved, in particular the front roots. The MULTILAYER function provides a set of five images from a single scan allowing dentists to select the one best suited to their diagnostic needs.


Correct parameters are ensured thanks to patented exposure control mechanism built into X-Radius Trio Plus. Patient morphology is assessed prior to exposure, so that X-ray dosage is calibrated according to the actual physical characteristics and build of the person being examined. This results in suitable clinical images and avoids unnecessary exposure.


Together with a wide choice of dynamic FOV dimensions and dedicated examination protocols, X-Radius Trio Plus ensures high-resolution volumetric images for diagnostic purposes. Thanks to specialist functions, it provides dental professionals with a new level of clinical workflow, enabling analyses of areas up to and including the zygomatic maxillary region and complete airways.

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