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Duolys - Medical Couch
  • Duolys - Medical Couch
  • Duolys - Medical Couch
  • Duolys - Medical Couch
  • Duolys - Medical Couch

Duolys - Medical Couch

Brand: Promotal

Receives each of your patients with dignity and simplicity.

Highlights and Advantages
•    Smooth electrically controlled movements
•    Transforms from exam table to a gynaecological consultation chair
•    Ergonomic design helps prevent Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
•    Integrated stirrups available with some models

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Product Description

Duolys Examination and Gynaecological Consultation Chair

The Duolys Examination Chair will receive each of your patients with dignity and simplicity.

The Duolys has smooth electrically controlled movements, and the central section can be raised into a backrest to transform the exam table into a gynaecological consultation chair. Integrated stirrups are available with some models.

The 73cm wide upholstery ensures comfort for your patients and the ergonomic design, makes the Duolys easy to use by doctors and helps prevent Musculo-Skeletal Disorders.


  • Electrically variable height from 49 to 96cm
  • Gas-spring assisted external backrest
  • Electrically adjustable central backrest
  • Hand or foot control
  • Adjustable levellers under base or semi-centralised Block’n Roll® system of integrated retractable castors
  • 73cm wide upholstery
  • Removable waterproof seat upholstery
  • Removable sliding, six litre, plastic pan
  • Mobile hoist compatibility clearance of 12cm
  • Patient weight capacity 200kg
  • Steel frame with light grey epoxy finish


  • Central backrest has smooth movements
  • Gas-spring assisted external backrest
  • Option to combine pedal and hand controls
  • Wide 73cm upholstery
  • Integrated stirrups with some models


  • Easy movement: Block’n Roll system with some models
  • Removable waterproof seat upholstery
  • Covering with antibacterial protection, depending on upholstery colour
  • Two paper roll holders
  • Removable sliding plastic pan
  • All outer parts accessible for cleaning


  • Stable ’H’ shaped foot
  • Patient weight capacity 200kg
  • Trendelenburg - reverse Trendelenburg with some models
  • M1 fire-retardant covering, depending on upholstery colour


  • Variable height from 49 to 96cm
  • Compatible with mobile hoist

Contact Info

141 Harrisons Line, RD10, Palmerston North 4470
[email protected]