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gMotio - Gynaecological Chair
  • gMotio - Gynaecological Chair
  • gMotio - Gynaecological Chair
  • gMotio - Gynaecological Chair

gMotio - Gynaecological Chair

Brand: Promotal

The gMotio gynaecology couch was designed following 2 years of study with health professionals in Europe and the Middle East. It has been tested by around 20 doctors and 100 patients. gMotio has been designed to provide effective and comfortable treatment, both for the practitioner and for their patients. With its extensive experience, Promotal has created a synergy between two featured products: the Elite gynaecology couch and the eMotio examination couch. gMotio is already considered a must-have gynaecology couch. 

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Product Description


  • Starts at 57cm from the ground
  • Electrical support accompaniment of all patient movements
  • Electrical moving footrests (depending on model)


  • An integrated leg rest extension for a trendelenburg position (option)
  • 3 programmable positions (9 as accessories)
  • Autonomous movements: Press once to change positions
  • Intuitive control and already configured patient start position 


  • Precise work on the seat design and foam density
  • Variable height from 57 to 118,5cm (with tilt)
  • Precise and adjustable tilt, easy speculum placement
  • Controls at the right place on the backrest and by the feet
  • Built in retractable wheels for short trips


  • Seamless upholstery
  • Removable seat and backrest
  • Cataphoresis treatment of the structure for longevity and hygiene of the product
  • Removable ABS tray


  • Safety sensors and battery
  • Dual control 

Contact Info

141 Harrisons Line, RD10, Palmerston North 4470
[email protected]