KaVo OP 2D

KaVo OP 2D

The KaVo OP 2D was developed for dental practices and smaller X-ray centres that require an efficient and highly precise, digital panoramic system. The KaVo OP 2D is part of the exceptional ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ family and can be easily integrated into the workflow of your practice.

The KaVo OP 2D combines distinctive design and reliable quality with professional tools for standard panoramic imaging needs. 

The 5-point, easy patient positioning system holds the patient still during the imaging procedure to reduce movement artifacts. Three laser positioning lights make positioning accurate. The sharp layer is easily adjustable for every patient. 

The quality of images is a result of many elements, such as carefully designed features, sufficient technical characteristics and correct patient positioning. The KaVo OP 2D combines all these for your benefit and provides you with perfect images.

  • Stable 5-point patient positioning.
  • Optimal imaging geometry.
  • Adjustable anterior layer position with 3 positioning lights.
  • High frequency tube head design.
  • High resolution CCD imaging sensor.
  • V-shaped collimation optimizes image quality.
  • Versatile software tools to enhance diagnostic capabilities. 

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