Midmark M11 Steriliser

Midmark M11 Steriliser

Reliable and easy to use, the M11 produces thorough steam penetration.

LCD display shows the cycle, temperature and exposure time selected as well as the cycle time remaining.

Automatic door opening speeds up drying times and produces dry, sterile instruments every time.

Optional printer available.

Easily select the cycle you need...whether it is for unwrapped items, pouches, packs or handpieces.

For safety, if the door is not properly closed or the water level is low, sterilisation will pause and the
LCD display will indicate accordingly.

The fill port and drain tube are located in the front of the unit making filling and draining easy.

452mm H x 452mm W x 605mm D

Midmark M11 Steriliser Brochure


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New Zealand