VOIP Phones

ICONA can help you significantly reduce the cost of your business phone calls while enjoying an expansive range of useful call features. VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol – is a technological advancement that is revolutionising telecommunications. Instead of making your calls through the traditional landline-based phone network, with VoIP your calls use the internet or cloud.

The benefits?

  • Cheaper calls – bypassing the use of physical landline networks, VoIP is cheaper than a traditional landline, particularly if you make a lot of long distance calls.
  • Unlimited scalability – adding new extensions to a VoIP network is simple and low-or-no cost.
  • Exceptional features – VoIP comes with all the basic call features you’re used to with your traditional phone system, like conference calling, voicemail, Internet faxing, and caller ID. But you can also access enhanced features such as greeting functionality, customisable advanced call screening and forwarding, and the ability to forward voicemail to your email or your mobile phone.

Our experienced team will work with you to make the transition from your old landline system. We know how critical business communication is and we’ll ensure your new VoIP system is operating well before switching you over. And we’ll be on call to work through any problems once you’re up and running.

Why keep paying high phone bills? Talk to us today about making the switch to VoIP.

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