Midmark 641 Chair

Midmark 641 Chair

Narrow patient support surface, slim back section and tuck away side rails provide maximum patient accessibility, allowing for closer access to the patient to support proper posture for a long, injury-free career.

Powered seat, back, foot and tilt offer multi-positioning capabilities, improving comfort and reducing likelihood of injury.

Premium Comfort System™ enhances patient comfort for a “chair-like” feel.

Optional wireless controls allow for placement of hand and foot controls anywhere in the room while removing cords and eliminating obstacles.

  • Patient weight capacity 204 kg
  • Height 48.3 cm to 101.6 cm
  • Seat Tilt Angle Range 0° to 30°
  • Back Support Angle Range 0° to 85°
  • Foot Support Angle Range 0° to 90°


641 Chair Brochure - pdf

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