MultiSteril Fast 4-in-1

MultiSteril Fast 4-in-1

Tecno-Gaz has launched a device that automatically performs the four major preparation phases required prior to sterilisation. No need to scrub, wash, disinfect or dry instruments by hand. MultiSteril Fast increases safety of steri-room personnel and reduces risk to the practice owner.

Sterilisation can only be achieved when instruments are prepared properly. MultiSteril Fast automatically performs each of the four processes correctly.

Issued by the University of Dresden - when used in combination with MultiSteril CD Cleaner, MultiSteril Fast provides “total elimination of the bacterial load”, “residue elimination to levels below the required minimum standard” and “exceptional cleaning without damage to the instruments”.

Steri-rooms are often small, making space valuable. MultiSteril Fast is compact and requires only a small amount of bench space -415 W X 450 D X 750 H

Reduce the amount of time spent on manually preparing instruments for sterilisation.

Let MultiSteril Fast prepare them in just 30 minutes for about $3.

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