Matrx VME2

Matrx VME2

The Matrx VME2 places all your anaesthesia equipment on a compact mobile post. You can add shelves, a second flowmeter, second vapouriser, occlusion valve with safety relief and an emergency air intake valve.

Easy-to-view inhalation/exhalation valves allow ‘at-a-glance’ monitoring of respiration for patient safety.

• Includes vapouriser mounting kit, 1L and 2L breathing bags, 15mm and 22mm breathing circuits.
• 0.2 to 4LPM dual view flowmeter - switch from standard to magnified view at the touch of a finger.
• Accepts Matrx VIP 3000® and TEC 3 vapourisers.
• Five Year Warranty.

Table top system also available.

Anaesthesia Brochure - pdf (6MB)

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