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Acteon X-Mind Trium 3D
  • Acteon X-Mind Trium 3D
  • Acteon X-Mind Trium 3D

Acteon X-Mind Trium 3D

Brand: Acteon

Integrated state-of-the-art tools to increase diagnostic reliability.

Highlights and Advantages
•    Efficient and safe patient experience
•    Easy clinical decision-making
•    Generates complete reports in less than a minute

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Product Description

X-Mind trium 3D provides four different FOV from 40x40mm to 110x80mm. The smallest FOV, 40x40mm, provides ultra-high-resolution images, 75 µm, making it the ideal tool for endodontics.

X-Mind trium 3D meets all the growing needs of dental practice by pairing 2D panoramic with 3D imaging, as well as digital cephalometric analysis when required. Trium Cephalometric radiography provides easy patient positioning and the smallest physical footprint on the market. Combining Mac and PC compatibility, the X-Mind trium 3D is the ultimate imaging tool for virtually every dental practice.

When it comes to understanding bone density and volume, precise and detailed analysis of the existing bone volume is highly recommended in order to reduce complications associated with implant placement. Using the ACTEON Imaging Suite 3D software, the X-Mind trium displays the assessment of bone density all around the implant with just one click.

If the bone volume is low, the images and information supplied by the ACTEON Imaging Suite 3D software can help you clearly communicate your treatment recommendations to your patient

X-Mind trium 3D offers you a broad selection of FOV, letting you focus on the region of interest for the target diagnosis and reducing the patient’s exposure to X-Rays.

Four FOV are available

  • A 110x80 mm FOV will offer a full view of the dentition, mandibular canal, and lower sinuses
  • A 60x60 mm or 80x80 mm FOV will be optimal for defining the positioning of one or more implants or for diagnosing periodontal problems
  • A 40x40 mm FOV with a resolution at 75 μm is ideal for diagnosis and endodontic treatment


As well as applications designed exclusively for implantology or endodontics, X-Mind trium 3D also assists in pathologies related to periodontics, orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery.

Benefits include

  • Evaluating a detailed morphology of the bone tissue
  • Helping to diagnose infectious diseases
  • Examining maxillofacial fractures
  • Determining the protocol for extracting included teeth
  • Conducting an orthodontic assessment
  • Detecting dental anomalies
  • Helping to diagnose temporomandibular joint disorders
  • Exploring the maxillary sinuses


The quality of the diagnosis and endodontic treatment improves significantly with a resolution at 75 µm on the X-Mind trium 3D.

Perform a scan from 12 to 30 seconds depending on the selected field of view.

Whether raw or filtered to optimise the details, panoramic X-Mind trium images support a fast and easy diagnosis.

Because of its patented cinematic and collimation, patient positioning is easier on X-Mind trium 3D.
X-Mind trium 3D is equipped with a dynamic artifact reduction filter to eliminate streaks and dark bands caused by the presence of metal. The image can be freely reconstructed with adjustable filter levels based on the target level of information and the need to cut out artifacts. Install the cephalometric arm on the right or left, depending on the configuration of your consulting rooms.

ACTEON Imaging Suite (AIS) software is Windows and Mac compatible and provides intuitive image handling and state-of-the-art tools to simplify implant planning, as well as customised reporting. AIS software lets you manage panoramic and CBCT images from acquisition through to viewing.

Features include

  • Implant planning
  • Crown placement
  • Mandibular nerve tracing
  • Surface, distance and angle measurement
  • Substantial and scalable implant library
  • Printed implant report
  • Export in STL format
  • Metal artefact reduction filter
  • Panoramic and cephalometric image detail optimisation filter
  • ENT module
  • Virtual endoscope
  • DICOM compatibility

X-Mind trium 3D perfectly meets specialists and general dentists’ expectations in their diagnosis of pathologies related to periodontics, orthodontics or maxillofacial surgery.



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