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Tecno-Gaz sterilair pro
  • Tecno-Gaz sterilair pro
  • Tecno-Gaz sterilair pro

Tecno-Gaz sterilair pro

Brand: Tecno-Gaz

Biological air treatment system reduces 90% of the bacterial load present in the air.

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Product Description

Thousands of dental and medical professionals around the world use this extraordinary system.

Using Sterilair PRO means

  • Reducing the risk of operator contamination, as also required by the Health and Safety at Work Act and recently also recommended by the World Health Organisation
  • Reducing or eliminating the potential contamination of operators and patients
  • Having a bacteriologically safe environment

Protect your professional reputation by protecting your health and that of your employees and patients. Sterilair PRO is the first system dedicated exclusively to biological air treatment.

Boasting an innovative design, Sterilair PRO overcomes the problems of direct and indirect exposure to short wavelength ultraviolet rays UVC 254 nm and can be used continuously even in the presence of people, without any risk to the latter.
The most effective means for destroying microorganisms in the air.

The Sterilair PRO works on the basis of a closed loop forced ventilation system. The air sucked in by Sterilair PRO first passes through a dust filter located in the intake, which is designed to block the coarsest pollutants, giving the air an initial purification. The air then enters the irradiation chamber in direct contact with the mercury vapour tubes which, thanks to the emission of UV-C radiation, carry out maximum germicidal action. The air is expelled from the outlet nozzle thus carrying out microbiological abatement.

A significant advantage of this system is the absolute lack of risk to humans as there is no leakage of UV-C radiation from the equipment and no ozone is produced.

Further advantages of Sterilair PRO are that it can carry out the continuous and constant disinfection of the air in any environment, during any working phase and in the presence of operators. You can programme Sterilair PRO to switch on a couple of hours before your arrival at the practice and then keep the equipment on throughout your working day.



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