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Euronda EXL autoclave
  • Euronda EXL autoclave
  • Euronda EXL autoclave

Euronda EXL autoclave

Brand: Euronda

Highlights and Advantages

  • 29 litre chamber capacity

  • User-friendly touch colour display

  • Expandable traceability system

  • E-Timer for delayed cycle times

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Product Description

The EXL autoclave was developed to meet the needs of medical clinics with high patient volumes, ensuring greater load capacity, improved performance, coupled with low consumption, thanks to its instant steam generator. Efficiency and sustainability have been achieved by management systems, but the jewel in the crown of this machine is its extendable traceability and connectivity by means of a SD Card or Ethernet, ensuring that sterilisation data is always available on computers, printers, smart phones and tablets.

Everything in the EXL has been designed to optimise the operational efficiencies of the clinic, providing safe, sustainable and reliable sterilisation to the highest Euronda standards.

EXL is the Euronda autoclave with a greater load capacity, designed for dental clinics seeking to optimise time and resource consumption. The customisable programming functions of the cycles allows for the optimum management and organisation of all operations, delivering both an efficient and effective sterilisation process.The spacious 29 litre stainless steel chamber can hold any load, thereby reducing the number of cycles. EXL can sterilise 5 trays or 3 cassettes simultaneously.



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