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Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner
  • Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner
  • Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner
  • Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner
  • Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner

Virtuo Vivo Intraoral Scanner

Brand: Virtuo

Highlights and Advantages

  • Small and light only 130g

  • Open system for exporting and sharing

  • Guided workflow through each step

  • High-resolution intraoral scanning

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Demonstration Videos: Implant Workflow Clip

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Product Description

It all starts with a great scanner.

Give your patients what they demand in a digital world: faster, easier and more comfortable care.

  • Comfort

Small and light, ergonomically designed handpiece (only 130 g / 4.6 oz). Virtuo Vivo™ does not require the use of powder, making the scanning process more seamless and the experience more pleasant for the patient.

  • Flexibility

Virtuo Vivo™ uses an open system, allowing you to export and share your scan data with dental partner labs and preferred services.

  • Simplicity

Guided workflow helps you at each step, allowing you to access services through integrated connectivity.

  • High Resolution

Colour scanning for better communication with your patients. Teeth and soft tissue are scanned from multiple orientations simultaneously, capturing difficult-to-see areas with minimal effort.

  • Speed

Data are captured from many angles simultaneously. This 3D scanning technology packs the power of two miniaturized 3D scanners into a small hand-held intraoral scanner.

  • Precision

Data quality can be validated in real time as the software creates the 3D model. A luminescent ring and audible signals indicate when scan data has been successfully captured.

  • Hygiene

Removable, autoclavable sleeve in coated metal to ensure proper hygiene for your patient.



Contact Info

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