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Daysurg power ambulatory chair

Daysurg power ambulatory chair

Brand: Progeny

Easily tailor your DaySurg Power Chair to your needs.

Highlights and Advantages
•    Numerous accessories designed to increase comfort and safety
•    Simple design - easier to clean
•    Trendelenburg function - 15° tilt
•    Manual-release backrest for immediate placement in the emergency position

Product Description

The DaySurg Power Ambulatory Chair has been created to respond to the needs of all the scenarios witnessed by Promotal during their studies within out-patient surgery departments.

The wide range of options and accessories means you can tailor your DaySurg to your needs.



  • Easy to seat the patient from the front or the side
  • An intuitiveremote control for the patient
  • Smart Movebackrest that supports the patient both when lowered and raised
  • No repositioning
  • The armrest is combined with the backrest and adapts to the patient’s movements (Dialysis version)
  • Numerous accessories designed to increase comfort and safety


  • Removable side railsbeneath the level of the bed (no-gap function) to facilitate patient transfers
  • Ergonomic push handles at the head and foot guarantee outstanding manoeuvrability
  • Castors with electric braking, depending on the model
  • A steering castor, which can be activated to improve manoeuvrability
  • Can be easily customised thanks to a broad range of accessories


  • 10cm one-piece comfortable mattress, which is removable for easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic remote controlwith stored positions
  • Simple design, which is easier to clean
  • Zero risk: Safety zones and anti-trapping design
  • Trendelenburg function / 15° tilt
  • Bilateral electric brake control, not accessible to the patient
  • Manual-release backrest for immediate placement in the emergency position


Contact Info

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