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Quest Cardio - Exam Couch
  • Quest Cardio - Exam Couch
  • Quest Cardio - Exam Couch
  • Quest Cardio - Exam Couch

Quest Cardio - Exam Couch

Brand: Promotal

Specialised for cardiology and extremely versatile

Highlights and Advantages
•    Lateral cut-out for cardiology examinations
•    200 KG capacity
•    Smooth electric movements

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Product Description

Facilitate your cardiology exams

The Promotal Quest Cardio is an electric variable height cardiology examination couch. The design is based on the Quest exam couch which allows extreme ease of use. The large scope of variable height (54-94cm) and the adjustable backrest makes welcoming a patient simple and comfortable.

The lateral cut-out on the Quest Cardio makes this exam couch ideal for numerous types of cardiology examinations such as: echocardiograms, electrocardiograms (ECG), and mammography.

Versatile and specialised for cardiology

The Quest Cardio was designed for cardiologists.  It is suitable for all types of cardiology and general examinations and offers supreme stability.

Customise your Quest Cardio exam couch to your choice of colours and select the options and accessories to help you work in the best conditions.

Thanks to its variable height system and the modularity in design, the Quest Cardio protects medical professionals from Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (MSD).

Standard features of the Quest Cardio

  • Upholstery width 65cm (75cm option)
  • Hand or foot control (option to combine)
  • Adjustable levellers under base or semi-centralised Block’n Roll® system of integrated retractable castors
  • Steel frame with light grey epoxy finish


  • Smooth electric movements
  • Gas-spring or electric-spring assisted adjustable backrest


  • All the outer parts are accessible for cleaning
  • Covering with antibacterial protection (colour dependant, see brochure)
  • Paper roll holder (max. length 50cm - ø 12.5cm)


  • Very stable ’H’ shaped foot
  • Robust raising arms
  • Patient weight capacity 200kg
  • Trendelenburg - reverse Trendelenburg (depending on model)
  • M1 fire-retardant covering (depending on the colour, see colour chart)


  • Electric variable table height from 54 to 94cm
  • Lateral cut-out for cardiology examinations
  • Mobile hoist compatibility (clearance of 12cm)

Contact Info

141 Harrisons Line, RD10, Palmerston North 4470
[email protected]